Elisha Terada


This is a page where I list things and technologies I use, inspired by the uses.tech.

Portrait of Elisha Terada

Web Development

  • WebStorm
    WebStorm is by far my most favorite IDE for coding. I know everyone loves VSCode for it’s performance and simplicity, but WebStorm does a lot of heavy-lifting that ends up saving a lot of time refactoring code.
  • DataGrip
    DataGrip is a GUI for accessing databasees including PostgreSQL, MySQL, Azure, etc. This is a no brainer if you already use JetBrains ecosystem and want to use one tool for all Database types.
  • Postman
    Postman is the de facto standard for documenting and testing your back-end API. Even without a team plan, you can share API doc by exporting and checking into your repo.
  • RumJS
    RunJS lets you install packages and execute JavaScript code on your desktop. This is a better way to test your logic vs doing the same in your app code or in browser console.

Mobile Development

  • Xcode
    Xcode is the standard IDE for developing apps for Apple’s hardware ecosystems including iOS applications. There is AppCode for JetBrain users but it never seem to catch-up fast enough if you are trying to stay on top of latest SDK releases.
  • Sherlock
    Sherlock is a life-saver when it comes to debugging your iOS app layout within the Simulator app. You can inspect UI views with ease as well as updating them live to get immediate visual feedback.
  • RectLabel
    Proxyman let’s me inspect all the network calls happening on my host machine, which includes network calls made by my iOS app. This makes it really easy to debug API requests and responses.
  • RectLabel
    RectLabel let’s me quickly annotate imported images to prepare assets for training vision ML models.

UI Design

  • Figma
    Figma is a collaborative UI design tool that can easily replace your traditional design tools like Adobe Illustrator, and offers more for web-specific design productivity.
  • Adobe Illustrator
    Adobe Illustrator is still a king when it comes to creating vector assets beyond designing UI screens, such as preparing brand assets like logos, business cards, etc.
  • ImageOptim
    ImageOptim compresses image assets like transparent PNG, SVG, JPG, and more efficiently without losing noticeable quality in the outcome.


  • Notion
    Notion is a collaborative tool that can replace Trello, Google Doc, Google Spreadsheet, GitHub Gists, etc in one place. I ended up replacing my notebook taking apps like Bear and Boostnote.
  • Zapiary
    Zapiary is an intuitive task manager & professional relationship tracker which help you stay on top of coordinated work effort. This is my shameless plug as a co-founder of the business.
  • Krisp
    Krisp saves the frustration of noisy environmental sounds during online meeting. Besides white noise, Krisp also intelligently reduces the sounds of dog barking, baby crying, someone eating their food, etc.

Office Setup

  • BenQ SW2700PT 27-Inch Monitor
    BenQ SW2700PT 27-Inch Monitor is a color accurate monitor optimal for both digital UI work and physical print work. The shade is a plus for cutting off a glare from daylight.
  • UPLIFT Bamboo Standing Desk
    UPLIFT Bamboo Standing Desk is a really high quality standing desk that I enjoy using every day. I recommend you get the V2-Commercial Stand for maximum stability.
  • ErgoChair 2
    ErgoChair 2 is an mid-tier ergonomic chair by Autonomous. If you can afford, skip the low-end chairs and get yourself a more ergonomic chair like this one. You’ll get most of the ergonomics you need on this chair without shedding $1k on Herman Miller.