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Elisha Terada

Let candidates ask more questions

Instead of holding on to our authority to ask candidates questions, we need to encourage candidates to show their true selves. Ask them to ask you questions, and give them more than 5 minutes at the end of the interview.

For example, they might ask about work culture, the type of projects they get to work on, or career advancement path. Instead of giving them an affirmative answer to all questions, dig deeper.

Your candidate will take your offer, despite an underlying mismatch between what they seek and what you can offer in reality. Why? Because they couldn’t get an ideal position elsewhere.

Eventually, your candidate will realize that they are not getting what they want. To fill the void, they will start to do less work, play politics to climb up higher, or push their agenda against project objectives.

If you sense a gap between what they seek and what you can realistically offer, be critical in your judgment to save your team from future troubles.