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Forget about content promotion strategy

If you are a casual writer like me, you should forget about writing your article with the mindset of promoting each one of them.

For example, see what it takes to strategize your content promotion below:

How to Promote an Article: 76 Content Promotion Strategies for Blog ContentWhere there’s traffic there’s hope. Every visitor is a potential conversion, as in a lead, a customer or a subscriber. But no traffic means no conversions. This is why content marketers work so hard at content promotion. They understand one of the first rules of content marketing:Faviconhttps://www.orbitmedia.com/blog/content-promotion-strategy/

It’s undoubtedly hard work done better by someone who plays in the content marketing world daily. If you play the content promotion game, it will stop you from writing all together because it takes so many steps to nail content promotion outside of actually writing.

What you should focus on is writing down and releasing a piece of your thought consistently and frequently. Eventually, you will have enough content to be compiled together as an E-book, long-form blog post, or even use them as a base script to produce video content.

So don’t worry too much about promoting your content. Enjoy writing for the sake of writing and sharing your thoughts.