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Helping organizations strategically capitalize on Generative AI and Extended Reality (XR) to stay ahead of competitors



  • Web & Mobile App Development

  • UI/UX Design

  • Tech Solution Architecture

  • Generative AI



Fresh Consulting
Technical Innovation Director


Educational Background

Educational Background

University of Washington

B.A., Business Admin (Entrepreneurship)

2006 - 2010


In today's dynamic landscape, business leaders are faced with the challenge of making forward-thinking decisions. With over a decade of experience, I have partnered closely with clients to identify growth opportunities and resolve challenges using the latest technological innovations and industry best practices. As the Technical Innovation Director at Fresh Consulting, my role encompasses guiding businesses of all scales and industries in the strategic adoption of emerging technologies to outpace their competitors.

At my core, I am a creator. Even while serving as a Director, overseeing multiple projects and coordinating with talent across various time zones, I still allocate a substantial portion of my time to hands-on coding. Outside of my professional commitments, I am dedicated to lifelong learning, whether it's nurturing my creative skills or staying abreast of the latest technological advancements that can be integrated into my work.

Why work with me

Ever wished for a consultant who combines years of experience with a deep understanding of emerging technologies like generative AI and extended reality (XR)? Someone to guide you through the complexities of product development?

Whether you're working on web apps, mobile apps, XR experiences, or other digital products, having a seasoned consultant who has "been there, done that" can be invaluable. With me as your consultant, you'll receive straightforward advice on how to devise a successful development strategy. Beyond that, I'll assist you in rapidly prototyping potential solutions using cutting-edge technologies, ensuring both your career advancement and user satisfaction.


Web Site/App Projects


Satisfied Clients


Years of Building Products

Innovation Process

Discovery Workshop

We work together to identify opportunities for innovation and growth within your organization. This crucial phase sets the foundation for understanding your business objectives, challenges, and desired outcomes.

Concept Development

We develop a concept that addresses your specific needs and goals. We will explore various emerging tech solutions, such as generative AI or XR, to create a tailored experience for your users.

Prototyping & Testing

We begin working on creating prototypes of your web app, mobile app, or XR experience. This stage involves iterative testing to ensure that the final product meets your expectations in terms of functionality, usability, and overall user experience.

Deployment & Beyond

Once the prototype has been thoroughly tested and refined, it will be ready for deployment in your target market. Based on user or stakeholder feedback, we could continue to improve the product.

Ready to Elevate Your Project?

Let's bring your product vision to life.

© Elisha Terada 2023

Ready to Elevate Your Project?

Let's bring your product vision to life.

© Elisha Terada 2023