Elisha Terada

Hi, I’m Elisha Terada

I’m a Web & Mobile Software Engineer, UI Designer, and a Creative-Thinker.

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I have a passion for solving real-world problems by designing and building tailored solutions that brings the most impact.

  • A laptop
    Design and develop UX-optimized Web Applications with JavaScript, Typescript, React, Next.js, D3.js, etc.
  • Mobile phone
    Design and develop Native iOS Apps with Swift, Core ML, Vision Framework, SiriKit, etc.
  • Brain circuit
    Train & leverage Machine Learning models to build intelligent apps with Retext,Turi Create, Jupyter Notebook, Python, etc.


Co-Founder at Zapiary

Aug 2018 - Present

Zapiary helps teams to manage tasks, automate processes, and keep track of professional connections in one digital workspace.

As a Co-Founder, I’m responsible for Strategy, Front-End Engineering, iOS App Development, Branding, and UI/UX Design of our services.

  • Tools
    Designed and developed a cohesive Web apps, iOS application, and an Outlook Add-in of a core Zapiary service.
  • A desktop computer
    Rapidly iterated over business opportunities and tested them against the market with high-def interactive design mock-ups.
  • Chess piece
    Critically analyzed customer feedback, user behaviors, and legal ramifications of our service offerings.

Front-End Developer Lead at Fresh Consulting

Jan 2010 - Jun 2018 (8 yrs 6 mos)

Fresh Consulting is a design-led software, hardware, and robotics innovation company that offers end-to-end services with integrated teams.

As a Front-End Developer Lead, I led and developed Single-Page Web Apps (SPA) for clients including Fortune 250 company.

  • Layers
    Developed 5 Enterprise-Grade applications and 100+ marketing & lead-gen websites.
  • Plant
    Led a team of developers (30+) including technical training sessions, career development planning, performance reviews, and more.
  • Speech bubble
    Spoke at conferences, meet-ups, and code camps on topics including programming, creativity, and career development.

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Portrait of Elisha Terada