Hello, My Name is Elisha Terada


I solve real-world problems with engineering, design, and critical business thinking skills.



Complementary Skills


Open Source

My open source projects are result of scratching my own itch, a bi-product of learning something new.

My Tastes


  • Photography of people, objects, and nature. Some of them are released as commercially-free stock photos via Unsplash.
  • Wedding videography with my wife, check out Terada Films for the portfolio.

My Story

I was born and raised in Japan until I moved to Seattle at the age of 12. After being exposed to a few programmers around the area, I got excited to learn how to write programs. I hacked a few programs in C, Visual Basic 6, CGI, Action Script, etc. But what got me excited the most were the JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I was fascinated with the idea of being able to build something useful for anybody around the world without asking them to install anything on their computer.

Over the last 8 years, I've been building front-end website and web apps professionally. I played key roles in producing 100+ websites and 5 enterprise web apps for 60+ businesses including a Fortune 200 company. I work closely with stakeholders / users to understand their problems, listen to their feedback, and bring back solutions to the table.

Today, I continue to solve real-world problems with Front-End Engineering, UI / UX Design, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Mobile App Development, and more.

What’s Your Story?

What problems are you trying to solve? Do you need someone who can solve real-world problems with design, programming, and critical business thinking?

If so, let’s have a conversation: